Adventures in card making.

I have CFS and was looking for a hobby. I found this one. Sometimes I make them with my mom, who also has CFS. We bond over glitter glue.

Good lighting in photos is overrated.

Halloween cards!

Birthday card for donnasaurus!

The card I’m currently working on looks like the love-child of Lisa Frank and a drag queen.

Which means it’s perfect.

Thank you card.

A thank you card.

A birthday card for my dad’s friend, who does time trials on his bike.

A birthday card for my uncle.

High-tech mouse paperweight!

A Valentine’s Day card for my parents.

Tiny valentines. Please pardon the focus issues on the group shot. I don’t know what was going on there.

These all have little variations in glitter and button colour. Some of the hearts are outlined in deep red ink, others with silver. I don’t have any pictures of the ones with silver, which is odd since they look way better.

You can track how tired I was by the messiness of the glitter outline. CFS makes my hands shake, which is fun times with glitter pens!

Engagement card for a childhood friend.